Yemen, the Houthis and the Red Sea

Ambassador (ret.) Gerald M. Feierstein

Topic: Yemen, the Houthis and the Red Sea
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Place: Irondequoit Country Club: 4045 East Ave. [14618]
Time: 6:00 Cocktails; 7:00 Dinner; 8:00 Speaker Presentation followed by Q and A
Cost: $55 per person, buffet style. Cash Bar
: Buffet style – 2 protein options, 1 vegetarian option

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On April 16 we travel to a part of the world few are familiar with – and even fewer have ever visited – Yemen. The Republic of Yemen (population 35 million) is in the southern end of
the Arabian Peninsula and borders Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea.

The Houthi clan (Zaydi Shias) ruled Yemen for 1000 years before being overthrown in 1962. Stripped of their political power…a movement has grown to restore their authority – allegedly
supported militarily by Iran. Recently a reaction to rising Saudi financial and religious influence led to Houthi military activity and control of much of Yemen, and the government. Since the
October Hamas attack on Israel, the Houthis have directed their aggression against Israel, in support of Palestinians. From their position on the Red Sea, they have aggressively been targeting commercial ships passing through the Red Sea, causing massive harm to shipping and a major disruption of global trade. Eighty percent of the world’s goods travel on the high seas, and approximately one-third of all containerships travel through the Red Sea to reach the Suez Canal to connect to North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The alternative would add 10,000 miles to the journey – around Africa.

Our speaker, Ambassador Gerald Feierstein, had a long career in the foreign service, serving in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon,Tunisia and as US Ambassador to Yemen. He
played a prominent role in developing and implementing State Department policies and programs to counter violent extremism. Currently, he is a distinguished senior fellow at the Middle East Institute, and director of its Arabian Peninsula Affairs program.

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