The Secrets of Disguise in the Spy World

Jonna Mendez

Topic: The Secrets of Disguise in the Spy World
Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Place: Irondequoit Country Club: 4045 East Ave. [14618]
Time: 6:00 Cocktails; 7:00 Dinner; 8:00 Speaker Presentation followed by Q and A
Cost: $55 per person, buffet style. Cash Bar
: Buffet style – 2 protein options, 1 vegetarian option

***Registration Policy: For reservations, please email Mail your check for the dinner[s] to: WACR, PO Box 25462, Rochester, NY 14625 no later than June 11th.

We’ve all heard of the CIA! But do we really understand its role, its importance…and its power? As a cornerstone of national defense and security, the Central Intelligence Agency holds a pivotal role in safeguarding national security, not just for the United States, but also for global stability. As an intelligence service, It operates covertly and globally, to gather secret information…or intelligence, which is critical for decision-making at the highest levels of government and to advance national security objectives. Clandestine operations, while controversial at times, are instrumental in preventing conflicts, countering espionage, and combating terrorism.

With such a serious responsibility, how does an organization like the CIA incite so much curiosity and fascination from the public and inspire so many best sellers, movies and globally know fictional characters? Perhaps, because so little is actually known about how a clandestine organization works….how the enemy’s deepest secrets are learned, and objectives achieved.

In spite of the massive use of technology today, the ultimate source of clandestine information remains – a good spy. This evening, I am delighted to welcome Jonna Mendez – and esteemed graduate of every known spy school and technique, who eventually became the master of an all-important spying tool – disguise. Jonna will share with you some of the expertise and talent that is necessary for clandestine work to proceed …and succeed!

She began her CIA career as a ‘contract wife’ performing secretarial duties for the CIA, while her husband was a young officer stationed in Europe. She soon took on bigger and more significant roles for the Agency, parlaying her interest in photography into an operational role. It was an unlikely role for a women in the CIA and she was often underestimated, and occasionally undermined. She persevered, became THE expert, serving under cover all over the globe, and ultimately became the Chief of Disguise.

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