The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy after Midterm Elections

Dr. James Jay Carafano

Event Details:
The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy after Midterm

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2022

Place: Irondequoit Country Club: 4045 East Ave. [14618]

Time: 6:00 Reception; 7:00 Dinner; 8:00 Speaker Presentation
followed by Q and A

Cost: $50 per person dinner and service charge. Cash Bar

Dinner: Buffet style 2 protein options, 1 vegetarian option

***Registration Policy: RSVP via Email to Christine Grout at Mail your
check for the dinner[s] to: WACR, PO Box 25462, Rochester, NY 14625 no later than November 3.
We are relying on the Honor System that all attendees will be vaccinated. Please adhere to this to
protect our fellow members!

Our recent WACR speaker noted… the outcome of congressional and presiden-
tial elections can often disrupt government decisions that require a longterm invest-
ment”. The coming midterm elections will include the selection of all 435 seats in the
House of representatives and 35 of 100 seats in the Senate will be contested. The out-
comes will have an impact on governments decisions and actions. Our next World Af-
fairs speaker event is on November 10th two days after the coming midterms. Our
guest speaker Dr James Jay Carafano, will discuss how the results of the elections will
impact US foreign policy.

Dr Carafano is a leading expert on national security and foreign policy challenges,
and is an accomplished historian, prolific writer, and researcher. He is a graduate of the
US Military Academy at West Point, holds a masters degree and doctorate from
Georgetown University and a masters degree on strategy from the US Army War Col-

He is editor of a book series The Changing Face of War, which examines how
emerging political, social, economic, and cultural trends affect the nature of armed con-
flict. As Heritage Foundations Vice President of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies,
his recent research focuses on developing the national security required to secure the
longterm interests of the United States – protecting the public, providing for economic
growth, and preserving civil liberties.

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