Indigenous Communities and World Affairs

Dr. Thomas J. Lappas

Topic: Indigenous Communities and World Affairs
Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Place: Irondequoit Country Club: 4045 East Ave. [14618]
Time: 6:00 Cocktails; 7:00 Dinner; 8:00 Speaker Presentation followed by Q and A
Cost: $55 per person, buffet style. Cash Bar
: Buffet style – 2 protein options, 1 vegetarian option

***Registration Policy: For reservations, please email Mail your check for the dinner[s] to: WACR, PO Box 25462, Rochester, NY 14625 no later than February 15.

Indigenous communities – a broad topic with enormous impact…is one we seldom see featured in today’s news headlines. Yet, newsworthy events across the spectrum of indigenous peoples continue to impact today’s world. As in the Americas where interactions between Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans contain a great deal of injustice, violence and heartache, this complex and challenging story underlies the ultimate creation of all of the nations of the Americas.

Thomas J. Lappas is a professor in History, Politics and Law, specializing in Native American and Colonial History. He attended Kenyon College and earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University. Dr. Lappas has published numerous articles on Native American history and is the author of In League Against King Alcohol: Native American Women and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. He is currently the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business and Education at Nazareth University.

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