About Us

WACR is one of over 90 affiliates of the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA), headquartered in Washington DC. With several thousand individual members nationwide, WACA supports the large nonpartisan network of US local councils which are dedicated to educating, inspiring, and engaging Americans in international affairs and in critical global issues of our times.

Rochester Council members represent a variety of disciplines including business, education, the professions, students, and retirees. They enjoy a common thread of sharing a vital interest in international issues and are keenly aware of the need to stay informed on a wide range of foreign policy topics.

To further the goal of providing in-depth, timely and topical information on world issues, we invite speakers with expertise in foreign affairs to present their perspectives, views, and insights to us. Because key foreign policy issues are often controversial, WACR aims to provide an array of speakers that provides balanced insight.

Our History

Our fundamental principles have not changed but affiliation with various national groups has evolved since the mid-1960s. Since 2010, WACR has been an affiliate of WACA, the World Affairs Councils of America.